ThermaDome – $89

What is Thermadome?

Thermadome is a space-age sauna chamber that emits beneficial Far Infra-Red heat. Our bodies may absorb this heat to maintain health and wellbeing by boosting detox, circulation, elimination, rejuvenation and digestion – and to greatly reduce stress.

A 30 minute session at least three times per week, provides many of the benefits of exercise – cardio, lymphatic movement, detoxification, increased oxygen, peripheral blood circulation and skin rejuvenation.

Absorbed heat assists :

  • Boost metabolism and the immune system – fights infections, colds and flu
  • Weight loss – burns calories, dissolves cellulite and helps reduce fluid retention
  • Reduce stress and insomnia – you’ll wake more refreshed
  • Boost the production of collagen – for younger looking skin and muscle tone
  • Helps reduce stretch marks, wrinkles and rejuvenates sun-damaged skin
  • Detox from the body of heavy metals, chemicals and acidic deposits – which helps arthritis, gout and joint pain
  • Speeds the healing of sports injuries, back aches and pains, bruises and sprains
  • Helps reduce lactic acid residue

A simple ThermaDome treatment can help boost your metabolism while you relax and rejuvenate. ThermaDome burns over 1300 calories per hour excess weight. One can achieve all the benefits of exercise while having a relaxing ThermaDome treatment. NASA has concluded that infra-red “passive exercise” was the ideal way to keep astronauts fit during space flight. ThermaDome is also remarkable relaxing, helping people to relieve stress and stress related symptoms such as headaches, depression, hair loss, obesity, anxiety disorders and eating disorders.