Body Treatments


Body Exfoliation & Massage – $89 (75 minutes)

This invigorating yet relaxing experience provides full body exfoliation and skin hydration.

Inch Loss & Thermadome Combination – $149 (60 minutes)

Designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone, texture and provide full body detoxification. Great for someone needing to kick start their weight loss routine or needing a bit more energy.

Lipo-Cavitation & Radio Frequency – $149 (30 minutes – 1 area)

Using Ultrasound and Radio Frequency to break down fat cells and cellulite, to smooth and reshape your body.

Thermadome – $89 (45 minutes)

Is the latest European infra red sauna, providing relief for stress, anxiety and emotional tension, while detoxing the body of chemicals, toxins and heavy metals. It also burns calories, purifies the skin, promotes restful sleep and helps relieve aches, pains and refreshes the entire body.

Detox Foot Spa – $38 (40 minutes)

Is a water-energising system that creates healing electromagnetic frequencies in the foot bath that are then transferred to your body through the water in the bath.


Swedish Massage – 30 mins $40, 60 mins $60

Relax, unwind and let your muscles go to jelly with our indulgent,  massage with beautiful soft calming music.Great for the mind body and soul!

Hot Stone Massage – 30 mins $50, 60 mins $80

This method of massage has been used by many cultures for its healing and therapeutic benefits. It has been said that one stroke with the hot rock has the equivalent benefit as 10 strokes with the hand!!