Clinical Skin Tightening (Add on Treatment) – $45

What does it do for you

The clinical skin tightening treatment leaves your skin feeling and looking younger. A safe device for all skin types and conditions.

How does it work

Wide Bands of muliti- wavelengths of light pulses cause mini shrinkage of collagen fibrils in the dermis, initiating a natural tightening process within days. This effectively stimulates collagen remodelling under the outer layers of the skins, causing tightening and smoothness of the fine lines and wrinkles.


– Rejuvenates & Revitalises the skin

– Rebuilds collagen

– Smoothes fine lines

– Tones and tightens the skin

– Improves overall skin texture

– Reduces fine lines

– Decreases pore size

– Lightens dark circles & reduces the puffy eye



For Best result a series of 8 treatments is recommended.

The cumulative effect will provide the Greatest Benefit



– Been using Roaccutane or photosensitizing medication

in the past 6 months

– Pregnancy

– Epilepsy

РSunburnt or Spray tan within past 10 days

– Pacemaker

– Abnormal skin conditions (caused by cancer, diabetes

other diseases)